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Duel 95 was founded by Liam Gould in 2004. It started out as just 'Duel' in 2004 as just a single webpage. It had then evolved in 2005 to 'Duel 2' which was later renamed back to 'Duel', in which had a couple webpages with forced advertisements. In 2006, Duel began to move on to be called 'Duel 95' in its new website 'Duel 95 GeoCities'. This website introduced the dark colours into Duel 95, except with neon glowing boxes.

During the life of 'Duel 95 GeoCities' in 2007, yet another site had established which was what we all know today, 'Duel 95 Professional'. This website was hosted on Google's Page Creator with the Lagoona Ice theme and URL, duel95.googlepages.com. Unfortunately, 'Duel 95 GeoCities' (Australia) was suspended in 2007 for the use of a redirectional link (which redirected to the same site on U.S. Geocities).

After the death of 'Duel 95 GeoCities', the newer site 'Duel 95 Professional' became the primary site, although 'Duel' (2) was always available (and is now, 'Duel' however is not). Falling Sand Game and Pivot Stick Animations and other files were popular on the Google Pages Site.

In the year 2008, 'Duel 95 OfficeLive' began along with 'Duel 95 Broadcasting' on YouTube. This website was interchangeably called 'Duel 95 OfficeLive' and 'Duel 95 Professional' and managed to have many informative webpages by 2009. No new websites had been created in 2010, but 'Duel 95 OfficeLive' had been further improved on. The year 2010 brought greater performance in 'Duel 95', especially for YouTube. A new computer speeds everything up!

In 2011, yet a new website was created. The ideal website of them all, 'duel95.com'! An actual domain name after those 7 years. In the beginning of 'duel95.com', the Office Live site covered the site until a substitute could fill the place. Later on (not too much later), Duel 95 decided to get Web Hosting (saves money on hosting it yourself). Unfortunately, there wasn't really much time to create a website from scratch at the time but we still managed with storage and emails for a while. The second mass update was in August 2011 which just gave a use to the layout but it wasn't until October 2011 when a real layout had been made.

Of course this is only just the story of the 'Duel' line of websites, there's a whole different story for everything else we have done.

Web Design

The current website design was created by Liam Gould between 2015 and 2016. This design actively uses dynamic pages in comparison to previous designs. It is our first design to have built-in mobile and printing support implemented.

Every aspect of this design was created from scratch, several weeks of coding and perfecting, so please refrain from plagiarism. This includes, but not limited to, the layouts, graphics, navigation, style, policies, mobile integration, and content. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information.