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Back in 2002 (Australia), the Nintendo GameCube introduced the next generation of graphics for Nintendo games with solid integration with the Game Boy Advance.

So at Duel 95, we still honour the system along with its retro predecessors. We honour it enough to consider it absolutely glorious. With games like 'Super Smash Bros. Melee', 'Sonic Adventure 2 Battle', 'James Bond 007: Nightfire' and 'Soul Calibur II', it would be dishonourable to forget the system. I could name many more memorable titles, but we have yet to make videos of them so I'll save them for later.

Our Method

We publish videos that capture the nostalgia of the Nintendo GameCube. Mario Party 6 may not be the first Mario Party (N64), but it's also not the last. It makes you realise how it changed from the N64 and before the Wii.

With up to four controllers and LAN integration, the GameCube was clearly designed for simultaneous multiplayer action. So you will notice many of our videos include multiple people. Even 'The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker' managed to become a somewhat multiplayer title, but that's for another time. Our series may have paused production for a while, but it hasn't ended just yet. With a backlog of unedited videos, they will arise in the future.


  1. Mario Party 6
  2. 007 Nightfire
  3. Mario Kart Double Dash!! [Publication Pending]