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Land Patrol

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Drama, Action & Thriller

Land Patrol ceased production in 2011 after an actor of a main character terminated his contract due to negative overall community response.

Land Patrol was meant to be a web series of 4 characters who aim to protect Australia in the private 'Land Patrol' division. Mitchell Johnson is the head of Land Patrol, accompanied by his team: Bob Brown, John Kingsley and Ethan Turner of the Australian Special Forces. The division sought crimes that Police would not be able to find; and crimes the defence force had no time for.

Episode 1 (aired 29 July 2011 10:30pm AEST) started with the pre-meditated murder of a relative of an important government official. Unfortunately the Land Patrol was unable to stop him during their surveillance of the victim. They made attempts to track him down in their investigation and even came close. You'd have to watch the episode to know the rest.

Production Team

  • Directed by R. De Silva
  • Produced by L. Gould
  • Edited by M. Greenup & L. Gould
  • Casting by R. De Silva & L. Gould
  • Theme Song by S. Whitehouse (CC BY)