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A Legacy

Psycho Jam is no longer actively produced.

The very first Psycho Jam video was the 4th video ever published on the Duel 95 YouTube channel and the first video to use a video camera. Published back on 31 August 2008, his debut was titled 'The Jump' where he stood on a ledge and managed to make his way to the ground. This video was the first of 4 other short videos released that day. The original intention of his first volume of videos was to be released as extra DVD content for a show (which never released) created before his videos were shot.

His videos progressed each year from 2008 to 2011. His popularity peaked in 2010 with the release of his parody of Cody Davies (Webmaster of Zelda Universe) and later his parody of Justin Bieber.

Psycho Jam made a few guest appearances throughout the years. He appeared in 2 Mario Party games in 2009, 'Mario Party 2' [filmed with just a camera] and 'Mario Party 6' [filmed with a capture card and camera], each game spanning over numerous videos. His appearance in Mario Party 6 wasn't released until August 2014 due to limited editing capabilities in 2009, this was also the first episode of the Glorious GameCube series. His last recorded appearance was in 2011 for the Jam vs. Geaney in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' video.

Popular Episodes

  1. The Jump (2008) [Unavailable]
  2. Cody Davies Parody (2010)
  3. Justin Bieber Parody (2010) [Unavailable]