Duel 95 Professional


Project Core: Minecraft Warfare (PvP)

Date: 16/12/2011

Command Access (ALL Players)

  • Market (Access, Buy, Sell)
  • Essentials (Balance, Compass, GetPos, List, Mail, MOTD, MSG, Pay, Signs, Spawn)
  • iConomy (Access, List, Pay, Ranks)
  • Build = True
  • Default = False


The Military
  • geaney
  • liamgouldy
  • saintsman1996
The Rogue Militia
  • psychojam222
  • Krayola96
  • Jonaky

General Brief

There are two teams going against each other to win the battle of Core! Weapons of any kind are allowed, just not commands as only the ones permitted above are allowed. The new biological warfare is also allowed in-game, with the introduction of potions! Splash potions aimed at enemies while team-mates can attempt recovery. Bases of each team are required to succeed in winning the war, but aren't mandatory. A minimum of 10 deaths of each person OR 30 deaths per opposing team is required before the war can be ended, this may change if the opposing wish to proceed. EVERY player will have EQUAL RIGHTS, so no-one is to have anything better than the next person. What you bring to Core is your responsibility, if you lose anything it's GONE.

Plan out your battle well, if you try there is a good chance you will succeed and end the war!
Take care at war and good luck!

~ Duel 95 Server Management 2011