Duel 95 Professional


Our Server

Originally launched on 11 March 2011 with just two players, duel95 and Krayola96. Both very new to the multiplayer concept of Minecraft at the time, both setup as server OPs on the new vanilla Minecraft Beta 1.3 server. The original world design was based off a seed used by duel95 in a computer lab where the players would spawn on a beach next to a desert and beyond the desert some mountains and a ridge. The area might not seem so large now, but back then there was no such thing as 'sprinting' or 'creative mode'. It doesn't help when iPodmail decides to grief duel95's house on his visit to the Duel 95 Server.

As time progressed, and more players joined, the Duel 95 Server moved into the craftbukkit environment later that year. This new environment allowed features such as multiple worlds, location-based teleportation, colourful chat, virtual money, command and sign-based shops and much more. The first world that was created after the default was 'Glacier' where a new town had developed and later a city.

While the worlds from 2011 were great, the server experienced a few world reboots over the years. From world (featuring Ridgetown and Krayolatown) to CrazyCreeper (featuring Ridge City and the UK) to CAPCity (redstone-powered city) to Starlight (CAPCity v2 attempt) until the current Apollopolis (Duel 95 Server 2016).

Prismarine Realms

In December 2014, the Duel 95 Minecraft Server went out of commission to make way for Prismarine Realms. A new server developed in cooperation with Mark's Mania. The Prismarine Realms server made a great start, but failed to catch on after the 2015 new year. So in December 2015, the server reverted back to original operation as the Duel 95 Server.

Past Projects