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What We Do

Essentially, we just play the game.

The first video we released, 'VS Steve', was a recording of us playing in Sandbox mode on the Duel 95 Server - edited to form the introduction to the series that was yet to come. Each video had live commentary from our team audio channel to involve the viewers by presenting them through our perspective, with the exception of Tails' Return.

In later videos, we explored the different gamemodes that Garry's Mod has to offer like 'Prop Hunt', 'TTT' and 'Murder'. It was an enjoyable experience to record and there's still the possiblity of future videos.

Game Modes (with example)

  1. Sandbox - Tails' Return
  2. Prop Hunt - The Remote
  3. Murder - Theatrical Murder
  4. Trouble in Terrorist Town - MAC10