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If you've been on YouTube anytime between 2009 and now, you'll notice how well Minecraft took off.

We primarily publish videos of our server, we also used to follow Mojang's update progression during Beta.

Our first Minecraft video was released on 30 October 2010 as a Psycho Jam parody of Cody Davies (who commenced Minecraft videos earlier that year). Our next Minecraft video was on 9 April 2011 where we showed the start of the Duel 95 Server - in a sense is the first 'true' Minecraft video we released.

We continued to release Minecraft videos as time went on, from 2010-2012 then we just stopped… A game with seemingly endless possibilities can get boring after a while. A game best taken in moderation. So there was a hiatus between 2012 and 2015 (3 years). This doesn't exactly mean we stopped playing altogether, just didn't have anything to upload during this time - even when we built a dedicated server in 2013.

We haven't stopped the series, we are going ahead with development throughout 2016 to try and experience what we started in 2010.

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